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Volunteer Digital Expert

In Canales we produce videos in LSA, with subtitles and voiceovers in Spanish so that they are accessible for deaf children. These videos are in DVD format. We have also published paper books on topics related to deaf literacy and Spanish teaching textbooks for deaf children. Some of these books and both textbooks also contain DVDs in sign language. Some of the materials are delivered free of charge to schools and others are sold as a way to obtain resources for the operation of the institution.
Our idea is to transform DVD and paper formats into digital format so that they can be downloaded from the cloud and marketed through a platform. We need a person to digitize the materials, advise on the platform to upload them and guide us on how to disseminate them. It is essential for us to take this step since many computers no longer include a space to watch DVDs. In addition, sending materials by mail greatly increases the cost of the material. On the other hand, as these materials are unique in the world, they are requesting them from other countries and we have no way of sending them.

Volunteer Logistics

Estimated hours required per week: No specific time
The estimated duration of the project is: 1-3 months
This position is Virtual

Language Requirements


Desired Skills And Experience
Management of video editing programs for converting DVD to online video.
Management of a design program for the conversion of editorial PDF to online text.
Knowledge of digital marketing preferably in educational or editorial products, books, training, for strategy design and platform evaluation.


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