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Story Gallery – Content Management Analyst

Manage day to day operations of all Story Gallery Tools (KX, SharePoint, PowerApp and PowerBI).

Ensure that the functionality of all tools is running smoothly on a daily basis; identify and troubleshoot any issues

Monitor Story Gallery fields and identify inconsistencies or required updates to maintain correct terminology usage (e.g. Accenture Growth Engines, business groups, Five Forces, 360 Value Dimensions, etc.)

Collaborate with the M+C Plan Development Team to ensure/maintain smooth integration between the Story Gallery tools and M+C Plan

Collaborate with OD&KS on any maintenance or integration needed

Project manager responsible for liaising with the Stories Team (specifically Development & Editorial) and the Development Team to ensure that all Story Gallery enhancements and updates are managed, completed and communicated in a timely manner

Provide a “big picture” view and strategic insights on how to improve the Story Gallery user experience, simplify processes, and improve communications with users and the development team

Advise on areas of risk, raise issues early and provide work-in-progress status, keep track of all deadlines and requests

Basic Qualifications:

Exceptional communication and project management skills

Strong attention to detail, bias towards action and follow up

Possess knowledge of relevant content metadata and file formats

Commitment to learning the storytelling process – how these tools are the backbone of our problem and help us be better storytellers

Ability to work quickly and efficiently to identify issues and fix them immediately

Strong attention to detail, bias towards action and follow up

Experience and Skills:

Exposure to various project methodologies: traditional, Agile, etc.

Excellent written and oral communications (Spanish & English)

Results-driven, detail oriented and well organized, excellent follow-up

Efficient meeting management

Strong interpersonal skills

Ability to motivate team members to complete tasks by building trusted relationships

Produce high quality, detailed work as part of a fast-paced, dynamic team

Proficient with MS Office tools

Proficient with SharePoint tool

Knowledge of PowerBI for reporting.

Bonus Points:

Strong understanding of Accenture’s business processes and groups

See the “big picture” connections (Ex: artificial intelligence stories will most likely also have a data component and should be tagged accordingly.)


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