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Social Media Marketing Manager

Our company Topfoxx, sells high-end women’s eyewear and located in New York! We are looking for a long-term employee to join our Topfoxx family remotely and get a real career as a Digital Marketing Manager & Ambassador Strategist.
Long term & Full time job, M-F 9am-6pm EST with 1 hour lunch break. Rate is $300 – 540 ARS/hr ($5-9 usd/hr) (negotiable), depending on talent and ability. Bonuses and accumulated paid vacation days are included.
We are looking for an individual who themselves has an entrepreneurial spirit at heart. Someone who is independent & a self starter who constantly thinking of ideas that can help strategize & implement ideas. We do provide some training & help you along the way but we expect you to bring fresh ideas and work on your own.
Your specific job is broken down into a few roles. First role is to analyze & propose new ideas, to improve our social media reach or anything digital marketing related, getting past gatekeepers, building fruitful relationships, thinking of unique out-of-the-box strategies that will move the brand forward in a noisy & overpriced market with many competitors doing the same tactics. Second is to stay up-to-date on all the latest industry trends that we should get ahead of. We are not looking for basic strategies that can easily be googled and are used by everyone. Lastly, you will be in charge of ensuring all projects are completed from start to finish and reporting progress to our project operations manager.
Must have:
– Good spoken and written English to apply (no grammar or spelling errors).
– Social media savvy, specifically on Instagram and be a frequent user of it, plus familiarity with Facebook.
– Understanding and knowledge of the female fashion & beauty industry, influencers, and trends.
– At least 1 full year experience in digital marketing or working in a start-up environment.
– Can handle fast-paced environment, be on top of all projects and finish them in a timely manner.
– Detail oriented, the ideal candidate is picky and ensures details are not missed while still focusing on the big picture, like writing pink in the title when applying.
– Basic editing skills – making simple graphics for Instagram or Facebook, using various editing apps to assist you, such as Canva, Snapseed, Lightroom, etc
Tasks include but are not limited to:
– Content planning for social media
– Daily posting and analysis of social media pages – mainly just Instagram and Facebook.
– Marketing Research – Watching Trends & Market Analysis
– General Research – This will be the majority of your job, researching whatever that comes up and gathering all the possible last information out there on a certain subject and formatting it into a concise and relevant matter to the team.
– Competitor Analysis – What ideas, presentation, website layout, social media, influencer programs and selling techniques are competitors using. What is working or not and what we should be trying or applying.
– Campaign Strategies – Oversee, guide graphic and video editors, and create compelling marketing material that will be presented to the consumer on various different channels.
– Help create/manage campaigns for paid advertisements. Analyze paid data, google analytics give advice on what improvements need to be made.


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