Punto Convergente

Senior Community Manager & Copywriting

English native only

Freelance position

Full time dedication (8 am to 5 pm, local timezone)

Internet connection

Personal computer & mobile phone

Local holidays

Contract: services.

Mode: Remote

Preferred location: Spain

Other: Europe

We are looking for a Community Manager & Copywriter for a corporate client in the Telco

industry located in the US. The position will report to the Account Manager.


Creative. Problem Solver. Willing to propose. Proactive. Service vocation. Meticulous. Able to fulfil deadlines.


● Develop content in English for social media channels such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

● The position will work with a graphic designer operating together as a “creative couple”.

● Engage with fans and followers (respond questions, make comments, give feedback, generate conversation)

● Monitor trending topics and media agenda in order to share relevant information aligned with the communications goals.

● Cover events (on site or remotely) generating real time content.


● English native or professional

● Spanish

● Degree in Social Communications, Journalism, Advertising or Creative Copywriting

● +2 years experience working in social media

● Desirable experience working for corporate clients

● Excellent spelling and grammar skills on her/his native language

● 100% familiarised with social media language, style, formats and resources.


● Familiarised with Social Media Management Software as HootSuite, Sprinklr or any other

● Familiarised with Google Docs

● Very good management of Microsoft Office

● Familiarised with video call software as Google Hangouts, Blue Jeans, Skype, Webex or

any other

WHAT WOULD BE A PLUS (but not selective)

● Experience or interest in the technology industry

● Creative copywriting

● Aesthetic criteria

● Photography


Buenos Aires: Diagonal Salta 1551 – Martinez – (1640) – Provincia de Buenos Aires – Argentina – Phone: +5411-4793-0494

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