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· Recommend and deploy appropriate processes and technologies to support content needs aligned to knowledge vision.

· Determine optimal publishing approach considering aspects of strategic priority, audience, formatting, branding, copyright and content management standards.

· Perform web publishing, selection and optimization of graphics/imagery as relevant, content migration, sanitization of shareable knowledge assets, and compliance with web templates, EY visual brand identity and site standards.

· Play a lead role in the management of the content quality process for one or more communities.

· Responsible for ensuring documents are properly reviewed and posted in the appropriate knowledge repository.

· Responsible for identifying leading practices in content presentation, developing guidelines and consistently applying these in practice to improve the consistency and usability of our knowledge infrastructure.

· Work proactively with the supervisor to propose improvements and innovations to content production processes, workflow and knowledge infrastructure to increase efficiencies in the delivery of content.

· May act as a project coordinator for midsize projects, coordinating the workflow between Producers directly and / or virtually to deliver project goals.

· Identify and implement changes or improvements to the overall content management and quality review processes.

· Communicate status effectively with content owners / stakeholders keeping them apprised of project status. Identify problems, evaluate options and recommend solutions.

· Responsible for optimizing content structure and managing the posting / editing of content to knowledge base and website updates in a complex, Microsoft SharePoint or Web-based content management system.

· Review complex requests acting as a content management subject matter resource for a community’s content.

· Cultivate discussions to identify best practices and ways to implement ideas and suggestions at team events. Contribute actively and share insights in team discussions.

· Develop documentation for knowledge content creation, repurposing, review and sanitization.

· Considered as a technical expert on the content management requirements, design and quality.

What do we need form you?

· Strong attention to detail a must.

· Strong communication skills (both verbal and written) are required.

· Ability to facilitate an effective group discussion / conduct technical training for junior team members.

· Good project coordination and time management skills, and ability to meet deadlines.

· Ability to work independently, adapt to changing priorities and work in a team environment.

· Preferably experience with production technologies that could include HTML, HTML5, XML, JavaScript, JQuery and CSS is required.

· Preferably skilled in using web-publishing and formatting tools and providing training / guidance to others in the use of these tools.

· Experience of working on Microsoft SharePoint or similar content management systems is required.

· Experience of working with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

· Strong understanding of the relevant publishing technologies and knowledge infrastructure elements.

· Must perform with a high degree of accuracy.

· Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

· Good understanding of content management principles.

· Proficient in English, both written and verbal.

INTERESADOS ENVIAR CV a     daniel_gutman@uca.edu.ar    ref. digital producer

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