Punto Convergente


Conocimientos deseables:

– Habilidades de comunicación (correctas maneras de interlocución, buena ortografía).

– Conocimiento en temáticas de Marketing Digital.

– Uso de software para publicidad y marketing.

– Carreras afines: Relaciones Públicas, Marketing, Comunicación, Negocios, Relaciones internacionales, etc.





 Área /  Experiencia

Marketing y Publicidad / Junior

 Apto discapacidad
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At Making Sense we are more than 400 passionate professionals working to provide disruptive software solutions with the most outstanding UX.
We thrive because we are made up of people who love what they do. This passion drives every aspect of our work and we consider it the beating heart of our success.

We don’t just offer advice or recommend software. In a hands-on environment, we shape ideas into products and craft solutions that work in the long term. Be yourself. Be authentic. Be bold. Bring your best every morning. Speak up when you disagree. Propose ideas, help others, create, relax and have fun.

We bring to life experiences people love. We are Magic Makers and that Makes Perfect Sense.

Come. Join us and become a Senser.

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