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Copy Writer

For this mid to senior-level position, we’re looking for a flawless English copywriter with several years of experience at a high, international level.
You’re able to present a portfolio of praise-worthy projects, showcasing your ability to work on a variety of projects.
You don’t have to be native English, you have to be way better than the average native writer: your English grammar and word play are impeccable, and ideally, you’re also able to write Portuguese copy.
You can craft amazing work out of thin air, based on briefs or drafts written by others; comfortable jumping in and out at any stage of a project — from first ideas to final words — always delivering tight work, even under tight deadlines.
You combine creative writing with critical thinking; your analytical approach enables you to ask the right questions and waterproof ideas from both a strategic and conceptual perspective.
You know how to capture ideas in copy that is clear and compelling at the same time: convincing without fancy words, bullshit or esoteric language—after all, the cognoscenti have no need for grandiloquence.
You’re as much a tagline writer as you’re a tech writer who can shadow as a UX writer, and drop-shadow as a UI writer.
While you might be tired of the word, your storytelling skills allow you to write compelling scripts for TVCs, product videos and brand films ranging from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.
As part of a constructive feedback loop, you can give and handle criticism without making or taking it personally, eagerly going the extra mile if that’s what it takes to make good great.
As an editor, you are the change you want to see in the word: you improve what is said, not just how.
Your attention to detail is annoying: typos, inconsistencies and questionable punctuation marks have no chance getting past your cursor.


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