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Community Manager

Portraying the fashion industry as a platform to advance sustainable development
Education and promotion of concepts of sustainable fashion and development, analysing themes related to sustainable and ethical fashion Creating bridges between ethical fashion from Latin America and international markets .

Creating and promoting networks and collaboration to advance this new paradigm and sustainable fashion.
Creating IT techno to help convergence growth and traceability processes
We have been working for years at the construction of a network of resources about principles of sustainability, ethical production and commercialisation in Latin America and beyond: Hecho por Nosotros wants to serve as a reference and as a link between different actors (entrepreneurs, academics, craftsmen, students, citizens, NGOs, INGOs, States, United Nations, etc.). We aim to join together all stakeholders, with each contributing information and analysis of the fashion industry from different perspectives. In this way, we can begin to shift the paradigm of the fashion industry and work together for a more sustainable world. animaná and the NGO Hecho por Nosotros works promoting sustainability in the world of fashion and encourages different actors to undertake sustainable and ethical practices. With a strong regional focus, we work with local agents in the development of a sustainable value chains and promote the local natural fibers and communities. This is crucial in order to collaborate and co-create with local agents as companies, governments, and other NGOs. Here’s your chance to work with animaná & Hecho por nosotros and be a change maker!

Here’s your chance to work with Animana & Hecho por nosotros!

For more information, please visit: www.animanaonline.com.ar & www.hechoxnosotros.org

Job Description

We are looking for the following two positions to help us grow our boutique store (and presence) online and our boutique in Argentina and to grow worldwide the social network of Hecho por Nosotros to sum up advocates for sustainabitlity in fashion.

POSITION 1: A community manager who can help us manage our social and online media, newsletter, and client relations to increase the visibility and traffic of our store. This role will include managing our media channels, contacting bloggers, organizing and attending PR activities, designing new marketing strategies, connecting with partners and our local consumers’ community, and developing our brand’s image. Ideally this would be a professional with design, communications, and online sales experience.

POSITION 2: A professional who will manage our online marketing strategies with knowledge of Facebook ads, and preferably SEO and SEM. This professional would have to know how to segment consumers, manage marketing budgets, funnel charts, propose strategies to improve conversion rate, improve our online marketing strategies, review and improve customer experience. Ideally, this would be a professional with business and online marketing experience, highly analytic and able to translate data into concrete commercial strategies.

The jobs would be in English and Spanish is required to communicate with our management team. Our products have a vital environmental and social component, and our social enterprise works closely with our NGO so we are looking for someone who shares our vision and is able to convey it through their work. Experience with NGOs or startups is a plus. Both positions offer great flexibility in terms of working hours but also require a great sense of initiative and commitment since they will be managing these areas. You will be working both with our central team in Argentina and also our team in New York.

Volunteer Logistics

Estimated hours required per week: 15 to 30, at least 15 hours per week
The estimated duration of the project is: Over 1 year
This position is On-site in Caba United States or Virtual
The office can provide amenities to volunteers such as: Housing, Internet, Local travel expenses, Office space, In Buenos Aires we have office resource available and minimum stipend depending commitment and professionalism

Language Requirements


Desired Skills And Experience
Community Manager (Design, communications, branding, client relations)
Online Marketing (Social media, customer experience, commercial strategies)
IT experts to develop on line platforms.
Spanish or English Commitment
Aptitude to work in a collaborative framework and ability to manage a group
Experience is required, flexibility and sharing of our goals for a systemic change in this industry.

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